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I have always been active my entire life, whether it was martial arts, rugby, gymnastics, weight training, etc., up until I herniated my disk when I was 25; L4,L5 pushing on 3 sets of nerves. I lost feeling in my right leg, and couldn't sit, stand or walk for more than 10 mins at a time. I had constant sciatic pain and feeling pins and needles in the foot. I was told by doctors and specialists that I needed to be cut open or I would never be able to walk again without a cane....

If I had gotten the surgery I still wouldn't be able to train. My last resort was physiotherapy, which I did for a year when finally the disk realigned back in. I started training in Crossfit the following month, then started competing the following year and did so for several years as well as helped countless others around the world in the process.

  • I have been coaching fitness since 2011

  • I travelled traveled the world (for 4 years) to coach and certify coaches on Crossfit gymnastics

  • I am certified in Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting

  • I trained various styles of martial arts for 12+ years and earned Black Belt in Modern Arnis

  • I trained adult gymnastics for 6 years

  • I trained Crossfit for 10 years, competed for 5 years at Crossfit Games Regionals levels (level below Worlds) and 8 years including local events

  • I competed in Powerlifting and made it to Regionals (among best in Western Canada)


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